How to put a leash on your surfboard

This article will explain how to put a leash on your surfboard. Most damage to the tail of the board happens because of a badly placed leash. Attaching a leash that won’t damage the tail is very easy, but very important for keeping your board in top condition.

We recommend that you follow the steps as follows. If you do, you shouldn’t have any problem.

The first thing you have to do is to take your strap and take off the small string used to attach the leash to the board. The string is located at the strap protector. If you open the velcro of the strap protector, you can remove it.

Place it inside the leash plug on your surfboard, at the tail. It may take a bit of work to put it into the plug, so use something sharp to help you, for example the Allen key for your fins.

Once you have inserted the string, take the knotted part and put it through the other part of the string to make a little hole, and pull it hard in order to tighten it against the surfboard.

Be careful, you should make sure that when you place the leash attached to the small string it isn’t the string that rubs against the tail of your board, but rather the strap protector, so that the board isn’t damaged. This is the most common mistake, leaving the string too long, which causes the leash to damage the tail of the board little by little.

If the string rubs against the tail of your board, you should shorten it. To do this, remove the knot from the small string and make it tighter, and try again.

It is easy and quick, but still, we see many boards damaged due to a badly placed leash. We hope that this article can help avoid this issue. And since videos are worth more than a thousand words, we have prepared a video demonstration to help make it completely clear:

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