Learn how to surf: the duck dive

In surf, duck diving means going under a wave with your surfboard, without being pushed back by the wave.

It´s not an easy maneuver, but it´s a critical maneuver. Duck Dive is the key if you want to ride better and bigers waves. Also, the more voluminous is your surfboard, the harder it is, so beginners will have it difficult…

With evolutive or mini-malibu surfboards, that´s almost impossible… But the good news is that you can practice in any conditions, even without waves!

So let´s see hoy to duck dive in 6 steps:

1. Paddle in the direction of the wave

Paddle strongly, it´s important to start your duck dive with speed.

 como hacer el pato en surf

2. Grab the rails of your surfboard

When you arrived at about two meters of the foam, grab the rail of your board, raise your chest, and breath heavily.

3. Push hard on the nose of your surfboard to submerge it

Submerge the nose of your board as deep as possible, pushing hard on it.

surf hacer el pato

4. Submerge the tail of your surfboard

With you back foot, push hard on your tail to submerge the whole board. Some people also do that with their knee.

como hacer el pato

5. Strongly Grab your board and let the wave passed

If you have made steps 3 and 4 on the right way, and depending of the size of the wave, you should be deep enough, so the wave will not take you back.

6. Push the rear part of your board with your knee, to show up on the other side of the wave

When you feel that the wave has passed, push with your knee on the tail of the surfboard, so the principle of Archimedes will make the job, and you will show up on the other side of the wave.

how to duck dive surf

Promised, we will make a video in a pool to explain that. Meanwhile, here is a video from our last trip to Indo. If this post has been useful, please share it on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter!

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