What is the best place in Spain to practice bodyboarding?

Practicing bodyboarding is addictive. This sport allows you to catch waves and enjoy extraordinary emotions in contact with the sea. It is an ideal option because you quickly start to navigate and have fun with the waves. Your body, mind, and spirit are strengthened when you ride a bodyboard.

Now, do you know the best place to practice bodyboarding in Spain? Here, we present El Frontón wave, one of whose waves seems specifically conceived and designed for this sport. But first, let’s review what makes bodyboarding such a powerful activity.

El Frontón wave seen from the town

The advantages of bodyboarding

Bodyboarding in Spain came after surfing, but it is gaining more and more followers. Some classify it as the little brother of surfing. And well, they may have a point. Precisely for that reason, it hooks you from the first moment and has a much lower percentage of discouragement. Few people give up at the beginning, which can happen when you surf due to the time it takes to stand up.

The main difference is that you lie down and face down on the bodyboard. Consequently, the upper part of your body becomes more important than your legs. Additionally, these boards are wider and shorter than a surfboard.

However, once you are on the wave, the adrenaline and the addiction are guaranteed. It is also a very dynamic exercise, stimulating and full of emotions. Although the beginning is easier, mastering bodyboarding requires knowing and applying a larger number of maneuvers, techniques, and movements. Therefore, its improvement is always evolving.

Of course, you will notice a rapid physical, emotional, and mental improvement as soon as you start enjoying bodyboarding in Spain.

Among others, these are the benefits you will experience:

  • You gain strength and muscle in your arms, back, abdomen, and legs.
  • You strengthen the muscles in your legs.
  • You develop your coordination, balance, and concentration.
  • You reduce stress and anxiety.
  • You regenerate your mind and keep negative thoughts away.
  • You improve your cardiovascular system. Both your lungs and your heart are strengthened.

In short, every time you leave the water, you will be a new person filled with clean and positive energy.

Therefore, if you are interested in practicing bodyboarding, you have to start as soon as possible. And in this regard, valuable information is knowing the best destination for bodyboarding in Spain. Have you heard of El Frontón? It will fascinate you, you will be amazed.

Fronton King, World Bodyboard Championship at El Fronton Wave

El Fronton, a perfect environment for practicing bodyboarding

The northwest coast of the island of Gran Canaria hides this treasure of bodyboarding in Spain and the world. It is located specifically between the city of Gáldar and the village of Caleta de Arriba. There you will find this unbeatable yet dangerous spot for bodyboarding.

It is very important to remember that to be able to ride this wave, you must be an expert in bodyboarding. As it is a wave breaking over volcanic rock, it is one of the most dangerous waves in the world. If you don’t have this level, don’t worry and don’t hesitate to go and visit it and see it live. It will leave you speechless to witness this spectacle of nature.

Access requires navigating through a labyrinthine network of banana plantations with varying levels and often rugged terrain. If you go by car, you can park in the vicinity and walk from Agujero Beach, or walk along the edge of the banana plantations to the parking area near the cliff.

It is an enclave with turbulent turquoise waters that boasts a unique wave, capable of breaking in two directions due to the circular shape of the reef. This bifurcation of the waves comes together again in an impressive explosion of water, where maneuvers, barrels, and above all, huge aerials can be performed on that surge of water.

Our small tribute to Julian, always present

Professionals consider it the best wave in the world, a truly stimulating distinction. In fact, they often compare it, due to its characteristics, to another legendary wave: Teahupoo, located in French Polynesia for its incredible barrel-shaped tube.

Natural characteristics of El Fronton

Why does this differential effect occur within it? This maritime area has a round stone platform. When the wave breaks over the volcanic seabed, an incredible square barrel-shaped tube appears inward toward the reef, with the pressure that entails. Although it remains active and attractive throughout the year, the best swells and winds for this wave usually occur between October and May.

El Fronton from a bird’s eye view, with the rock in plain sight

It is advisable, therefore, to pay attention to the presence of local bodyboarders and surfers. If they are not there, it is better not to enter the water. The reason is that this rocky structure disappears one meter below the water when the tide is high and reappears when it recedes. If you are not familiar with the place, there is a possibility of getting seriously injured.

Regardless, the experience and sensations that bodyboarding in El Fronton produces are incomparable. The dynamism is unique, powerful, and intense on most occasions. It is certainly not a sport for beginners. It requires an advanced level, courage, determination, and experience.

Launching yourself into El Fronton with your board and wetsuit to go bodyboarding in Spain means immersing yourself in a unique adrenaline experience. If you have the appropriate courage, skill, and luck, you may score an unforgettable barrel on this wave. The wild beauty of the surrounding environment, on the other hand, contributes to framing these small achievements with unsurpassed charm.

At this point, you should be clear that practicing bodyboarding is a vibrant, unique, and highly recommended experience. And once you have gained enough skill through practice, you should plan a trip to El Fronton to challenge yourself on this unmatched wave. Start preparing your equipment for that big day at our online store, Mundo Surf!

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