What is the volume of a surfboard and what is it for?

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Some years ago surfboards starts to be measured in volume, in addition to length, width and thickness. It is a very useful information and in this article we will explain what it is, how to interpret it and use it intelligently when choosing your surfboard.

Before the introduction of shaping machines and 3D board design programs, surfboard size was defined by its length, width and thickness. With the introduction of this new technology, manufacturers that use CAD design are able to calculate the volume of their surfboard. It is measured in liters, and indicates the volume occupied by the surfboard. If we submerge the surfboard inside a container filled with water, the volume of the surfboard corresponds to the volume of water that protrudes from the container. But in practice, it is not measured like this, it is the CAD program that calculates it. This is also why not all brands or models come with this information.

It is an important information, because this give an idea about the buoyancy of the surfboard. When choosing a surfboard, you can not only consider the length, a 6’2 x 18 ½ ” x 2 3/8 ” shortboards is really different than a 6’2 ” x 21 ” x 2 3/4 ‘’ fish board. Both of then are 6’2 ” in length, the volume of the fish will be way higher than the shortboard, and will float much more.

When choosing your surfboard, this information can help you a lot. You can find charts, which, depending on your skills and your weight, indicate the theoretical volume that you need. This value can serve as a starting point to know, for a surfboard, what size would be the most appropriate. In our online store, you can consult the volume guide by clicking on “size guide”, a button located just above the price of any surfboard.

This volume should be taken as a starting point, not as an exact value that your future surfboard must meet, it is not something that you should demand from a shaper or a surf shop. This value can even be raised for a surfboard that you will use in small or low power waves, as fish and hybrids surfboards. For this type of surfboards, you can increase between 5 and 15% the volume that you would theoretically need.

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Rating: 4.8. From 4 votes.
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