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FCS is the brand number 1 at the international level in keels and accessories, surf premium. Designing the best accessories, leash, grip, keels and covers of surf with the collaboration of surfers, world class, as the current world champion Gabriel Medina.

FCS revolutionized forever the surf industry 20 years ago by inventing the first system of keels moveable. Not only was he a comfort to travel, but that allowed brands to develop keels specific for each type of waves and surfers, and the surfers to progress and adapt their keels to their needs in each moment.

Repeated the last year with the system FCSII, inventing the first system of keels removable without screws. But FCS are not only keels. Are also inventions of a awesome quality, covers, grip, and all sorts of accessories to make life easier for the surfers. And on a team of surfers most prestigious: Gabriel Medina, Mick Fanning, Julian Wilson, Jeremy Flores, Adriano de Souza, Laura Enever, Sallie Fitzgibbons, Ozzie Wright. All these big names contribute their grain of sand to the building, and allow FCS to be a reference in surf accessory by the quality of their products.


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