Seventy One Percent SPF50 Eco sun spray

Seventy One Percent SPF50 Eco sun spray

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Seventy One Percent SPF50 Eco sun spray is suitable for the whole family. It protects from weathering such as sun, cold, wind and salt water.

- Biological shea butter: hydrates, regenerates and nourishes your skin. It also revitalizes tissues and restors the skin's elasticity. 

- Biological sunflower oil: nourishes, regenerates and softens your skin. Rich in fatty acids.

Antileukine-6:  Seaweed extracts that protect your skin from photoageing. It prevents the creation of Sun Burn Cells, and restores the epidermal hydrolipidic barrier

- Beeswax: softens and protects

- Vitamin E: Antioxidant, protects from UV rays damages and pollutants.

- Free from silicone rubber

- Free from nanoparticles

- Free from pretolatum

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