Bodyboard swimfins

Fins are an essential component of a bodyboarder's equipment. They allow you to generate powerful accelerations to catch waves and cover long distances to reach the lineup. The stiffness of the fins is the main selection criterion. Soft fins may be more comfortable but less effective compared to a stiffer model. If you have any doubts, here is a guide on how to choose your bodyboard fins. Don't forget about bodyboard swimfin leashes if you don't want to lose them permanently at the bottom of the ocean after a big wipeout.

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Practical Guide on Bodyboard Fins

What are bodyboard fins?

Bodyboard fins are essential equipment for practicing this sport. They are shorter than scuba diving or swimming fins. They can have two types of cuts: symmetrical, where the fin is the same for the right and left foot, and asymmetrical, which is the most common and simulates the tail fin of a fish to propel in the waves.

How to choose bodyboard fins?

When choosing your bodyboard fins, it is important that they are comfortable to allow easy mobility. They should fit well on your foot without being uncomfortable or too tight, to avoid pain and irritation. If you need more information, our Mundo Surf blog will answer all your questions.

What are the available sizes of fins?

The sizes of bodyboard fins vary from brand to brand, but generally, the size guide is as follows: S: 38-39.5, M: 40.5-42, ML: 42-43, L: 43-45, XL: 45-47. At Mundo Surf, we offer different sizes of fins so you can choose the one that fits you best. If you have any questions, our team is here to personally assist you.

What size of bodyboard fins do I need?

It is crucial that the bodyboard fins fit properly and stay secure on your feet, as they could come off during a fall. They should be snug but not too tight to avoid discomfort when worn.

What are bodyboard fins used for?

Bodyboard fins are used to quickly enter the wave with enough speed, as without them, practicing this sport would be impossible. They also generate powerful accelerations, help navigate through ocean currents, and grip the wave face when it becomes vertical, similar to surfboard fins.

What stiffness is used in bodyboard fins?

Bodyboard fins can have different levels of stiffness depending on each surfer's needs and wave conditions.

Soft fins can offer great comfort for long sessions in the water but may sacrifice some paddling speed. They are recommended for beginners who need comfortable fins.

Hard fins are intended for more experienced riders who have a strong paddling technique and are accustomed to this type of fins.

There are also medium-hard bodyboard fins that offer a good balance between paddling power and comfort, making them a popular choice among many surfers.

What are bodyboard fins made of?

Most bodyboard fins are made of rubber sourced from Malaysia, China, or Brazil. It is the best material for durability and performance in this type of fins.