Bodyboard Leashes

The bodyboard leash connects the surfer to the board and is therefore an important safety feature. It is absolutely essential, being a vital safety element. You have the option to choose between two categories of devices: wrist leashes, which are more economical, and bicep leashes, which offer much more comfort by allowing greater freedom of movement.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bodyboard leashes

What bodyboard leashes are there?

There are two types of bodyboard leashes. One is with a velcro grip on the wrist, and the other is with the same velcro grip but on the biceps.

The most used is usually the Biceps, since for most it is the most comfortable, as it does not bother when paddling and catching a wave.

There are also "quita vueltas", which are rings that rotate on both sides. They serve so that the leash does not get tangled in our arm, and is always untangled after a wave or a roll. Bodyboard leashes usually have one or two twist-offs located at the ends of the leash.

What bodyboard leash should I use?

A bodyboard leash is absolutely essential for practicing bodyboarding. Depending on the taste of each rider, you can use a leash with wrist support or biceps support. There is no one better than the other in terms of grip, since it depends on the taste of each one.

How to put the leash plug on my bodyboard?

It is something very important to do but also very simple if you know how. Basically, it consists of drilling holes in your bodyboard in the place where you want to place the leash, at an angle of 90 degrees, with a hot screwdriver. It is very important not to do it on the stringer. In this blog article we explain in detail with video how to put on your bodyboard plug and leash.