Surfboard Lost Maysym
Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym Surfboard Lost Maysym

Surfboard Lost Maysym

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Manufacturing time: 8-12 weeks

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The surfboard LOST MAYSYM features anatomically corrected tail curves for more control on a high volume, small wave Stub Rocket. Purposely asymmetric boards have been around for decades.  The advent, and popularization, is mostly credited to gifted designer, Carl Ekstrom.

The general concept is we all surf with different leverage on our heels, vs our toes.  Heel turns are more abrupt, without the ability to “feather” our rail pressure with supple ankles and toes.  Contrary to common misconception, Asymmetrical boards are not for “going right or left”, or “backside or frontside” but are designed to work in symmetry with a natural or goofy footed surfer.  They’re almost always designed to be more forgiving on the heels (usually done by reducing surface area or shortening rail line) with more resistance on the toes (a wider, straighter, or longer rail and or rocker line).

My first foray into asymmetric designs was in the winter of ‘92.  I was influenced by the best snowboard I had ever owned (up to that point) a NITRO “PYRO”(see photo of board), twin tip, asymmetric snowboard.  It was the first board I ever rode that I could properly carve a heel edge on.  It spurred my interest in the concept, but I only made a couple asym surfboards at the time, and soon lost interest.  Around the turn of the 

century, after reading an asym article in Surfers Journal, in 1999, I re-visited them, making a few HPSBs, for an early Mentawais trip.  One of which was easily one of my all-time best boards to that point.  Once again, I soon neglected the design.  About ten years later, inspired by the resurgence of asym popularity, we made a few for Aaron “Gorkin” Cormican, with winged swallow on the toes and round pin on the heels. 

This specific board, the “MAYSYM”, is based around our “V2-StubRocket”, a small wave specific, spin off of the original “Rocket” (which was popular when I started developing this board).  I worked on it periodically, for over 5 years, and feel that due to the work of guys like Ekstrom and young Ryan Burch, among others, to popularize asymmetric designs, the time is becoming right to actually offer these designs to the public.  For me, asymmetries help most when applied to high volume boards.  On a narrow / thin, low volume board, the surfer can easily control the tail on heel or toe edge, thus it’s very rare to see high level surfers using them on high performance short boards (although I believe there is room to develop and improve them in that genre).  With wide tails and high volume to body weight ratios on small wave boards, for average surfers, the big tails can easily start to get in the way.  Precise surfing can become a casualty to wave catch-ability, and ease of speed generation… especially on heel turns (back side bottom turns or front side pocket turns are most effected), so I began to take surface area out of the heel rail on my wide Rocket tails, turning them into Round tails, and then slowly offsetting the centerline, as well as adding more rail rocker to the wider side of the tail, and other subtle adjustments to try and neutralize the difference between heel and toe body mechanics.  The MASYM is the result.

Unlike many asyms floating around today, we reeled in the “shock and awe” effect.  These are genial asyms, attempting simply to make riding a really wide short board easier, when transitioning from heel to toe.  The fins are set the same.  No offset fin marks.  No inverted pickle fork noses, and no over the top offset rockers or extreme curves.  One of my favorite design ethos is “Don’t get loose until you have control”.  I’ll let other vanguard shapers push the limits of balancing visual shock and actual function. 

We offer each size in Regular of Goofy footed build.  I’ve painstakingly designed each board/size/regular/goofy, and worked closely with AKU Shaper, so each is pre-cut specifically asymmetrically.  The tail is already pre-shaped into the blank, before we hand fine tune the single channel, and fine tune the rest of the shape. This gives previously unmatched consistency to the boards, bringing a once rogue and “underground” design to the surf shop customer.

We hope you go out on a limb and try one. You won’t be disappointed.


Pukas surfboards are made in the Olatu factory, in the Basque country. Olatu owns the brand Pukas and builds for two big ones: Lost and Al Merrick. Polyurethane foam core, Silmar polyester resin and Hexcel fiberglass. Great finishing and exceptional expertise.

Painting options/dyed resin:

You can choose this option in the drop-down menu. Send us a drawing or specify the color you want.

Have a look at lost designs on If you want one of these, choose the suitable painting option and fill references and color in the ''personnalization" tab. 

Custom size:

You can choose the width, length and thickness of your board. Click on ´custom´in the drop-down menu and indicate the size you want in the tab "Product Customization".

Data sheet

AvailabilityTerm of manufacturing: 8-12 weeks
Volume rangeLess than 28 litres, Between 28 and 32 litres, Between 32 and 36 litres, Between 36 and 40 liters, Between 40 and 45 litres
FinsNot included
Fin Set-upTri-quad, Thruster
Plug typeFutures, FCSII
TailBat, Round

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