Surfboard Zeus Rosa 7'6 EVA
Surfboard Zeus Rosa 7'6 EVA Surfboard Zeus Rosa 7'6 EVA Surfboard Zeus Ciciello 6' IXPE (IN STOCK)

Surfboard Zeus Gaia Volcano

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The Zeus Gaia 7'0 Volcano is an ecological Soft Board surfboard, made of 50% non-polluting or very low-polluting materials (organic or recycled materials).

With 48 liters of volume, it is ideal both for learning to surf easily, and for experienced surfer looking for a mid-length  surfboard to have fun on small days.

The deck is covered with ecological EVA foam, composed of 50% natural algae, which adheres with no need to apply the traditional wax, which pollutes the oceans so much.

This Zeus is much more than a simple initiation soft board, its construction incorporates 2 layers of fiberglass on the deck and one on the bottom, laminated with epoxy resin. They are sturdy boards that will last for many years.


It combines an EPS core with two stringer, epoxy / fiberglass lamination, 100% recycled HDPE stick, non-slip foam on the deck, and FCSI and FCSII compatible fin boxes. The result is an incredibly robust Soft Board.

Data sheet

Availability In stock
Weight 2 3/4''
Stringer 2
Width 21 1/2''
Type Evolutionary
Volume range Between 50 and 60 liters
Construction Epoxy, Soft Board
Fins Included (FCSII)
Fin Set-up Thruster
Plug type FCSII, Dual Tab
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