Fins Shapers AM3 Core Lite
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Shapers AM3 Core Lite Fins

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The Shapers AM3 Core Lite Fins suit light or medium weight surfers. They allow you to choose between tri fin and quad depending on the weather conditions. 

These fins are adaptable to all types of waves thanks to Al Merrick´s original design. They are ideal for fast surfing and sharp bottom turns.  

Small size available for surfers from 45 to 60Kg.


Core-Lite: It combines the RTM Technology (Resin Transfer Moulding Technology) with the very light Dual Hex foam. It is 25% lighter than fiberglass fins. The flex is progressive and the rigidity provides more speed

Data sheet

Number of fins included3
SystemCompatible FCS
MaterialsPanel bee
Rear fin depth115mm / 119mm
Rear fins base111mm
Rear fins sweep35
Rear fins foil50/50
Alen screw driverWith
Front fins base111mm / 115mm
Front fins depth115mm / 119mm
Rear Fin Sweep33
Front fins foilPlane
Rear fin base113mm
Rear fin sweep33
Rear fins depth111mm